Fitness Ab Carver Pro Exercise Wheel Roller Six Pack Abs Workout Gym

  • Fitness Ab Carver Pro Exercise Wheel Roller Six Pack Abs Workout Gym

Fitness Ab Carver Pro Exercise Wheel Roller Six Pack Abs Workout Gym

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It takes a lot more than sit-ups and crunches to get 8-pack or 6-pack abs but few can give your core as good a workout than an ab roller and the Ab Carver Pro is one of the best. Wider than most ab rollers, the Ab Carver is flat at the centre and angled on the sides so you can hit your core at different angles. The rubberised ergonomic handles gives you the illusion the carving your abs as well as making it more comfortable to use. Inside is a carbon spring that gives you resistance as you push out and assistance as you come back up. The Ab Carver also gives your arms, chest, and shoulders a good workout.

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