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Bathroom Glove - Enjo

  • Bathroom Glove - Enjo

Bathroom Glove - Enjo

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Item Description

Bathroom cleaning has never been easier than with the ENJO Bathroom Glove. Designed with two hard working sides, the Bathroom Glove removes calcium, lime, mould and soap scum to keep your bathroom positively sparkling. After cleaning with the Bathroom Glove, dry off surfaces with the Bathroom Miracle. Also check out our best selling grout cleaner.

Additional Information

What's it for?Cleaning large surfaces in the bathroom, laundry and toilet
How do I use it?Wet or damp (water only or Calcium Dissolver)
Features and functionsFeaturing two fibres, the Bathroom Glove tackles light to medium and medium to heavy soilage.
Clean Side descriptionReaches deep into crevices to remove calcium, lime, mould and soap scum in wet areas such as showers, basins and baths.
Care Side DescriptionA less aggressive cleaning fibre that’s gentle on smooth surfaces such as mirrors, vanities and shower screens. When this side isn't enough, simply turn to the Clean side for a deeper clean.
Areas of useBasin, Shower, Mirror, Tiles, Bath

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Donor Business Information

About ENJO Australia

ENJO Australia is a social selling company creating flexible business opportunities for savvy women and a healthier way to clean. Our market-leading range of planet friendly cleaning products is available exclusively through our online shop, as well as our one-on-one consultations and in-home ENJO Demos presented by our ENJOpreneurs.

Harnessing the natural cleaning power of microfibre technology and water, our clever cleaning fibres from Austria have been awarded the title of Australian Women's Weekly Product of the Year.

We've also been praised by The Sunday Times, Australian House & Garden and Woman’s Day for bringing a quick and easy solution to healthy cleaning and balance to the modern woman's life with our social selling business model.

You can view more of the products by visiting our website:

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