Who doesn’t love a bargain without quality compromise?


We all like shopping, don’t we? It’s exciting and a feel good thing. What if shopping with deals/coupons/voucher and you name it. Perhaps we love the idea of shopping for less money with uncompromised quality than it is worth? Or do we just like the idea that we've paid less than somebody else? Whatever it is that pushes our buttons, bargains are always a feel good thing. We’re here to give you exactly ‘a feel good thing’.

The ability to shop online for less, EHF cherishes the idea of giving back something to the supporters of charitable organizations. Big or small, idea of giving back always matters.

We are providing you something that we truly believe should be accessible to all our customers who support charitable organizations and contribute back to the community-You may think that high quality of goods and services equals high prices. It may be true that sometimes to get something more valuable we need to pay more. What you understand by “high quality” and “best price” is up to everyone’s own interpretation. What is universal, though, is the fact that a good shop is one that offers its customers the ability to lower cost of shopping. Such are the stores that you will find here at EHF. Don’t compromise on quality and save money in the process. It’s a win-win situation!

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