Privacy Policy

EHF handles personal and sensitive information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles contained therein.

EHF defines personal information as information such as a customer’s postal or residential address, telephone number, e-mail address, name and title. Personal information is only collected by EHF in the event that a customer is making a purchase and/or is registering an account. Personal information is not collected by EHF if a user/accessor is only browsing this website (however, the user’s IP address may be collected). EHF will take reasonable precautions to ensure that any personal or sensitive information provided to EHF is protected against unauthorised access and disclosure.

Any personal information that is provided to EHF by a customer during the completion of a transaction will be used solely for the purposes of carrying out that transaction and delivering goods. Such information will not be used for any other purpose, unless consent has otherwise been given by the customer (for further information please refer below to subheading 1.1).

EHF stores personal information from customers (both registered customers and guests) who purchase products on the EHF website. Personal information is stored on the EHF database for the purposes of potential refund/return/replacement claims as well as for the convenience of future transactions. Customers are welcome to contact EHF if they wish to permanently remove personal information from the EHF database.

EHF does not at any time handle (or therefore store) sensitive information, namely payment details. When a customer provides credit card, bank or PayPal details for purchasing on EHF, this correspondence is solely between the payment provider and the customer. EHF does not receive any sensitive information during this process. EHF will merely be notified whether or not the payment transfer has been successful, which will subsequently lead to shipment. Customers should therefore consult their payment providers policy in regards to privacy.

1.1 Use of collected personal information

Membership and order updates

EHF will use the customers e-mail address to send messages regarding the customers membership account and orders that have been placed (such as the order confirmation, invoice and status updates). EHF may also contact the customer via e-mail or telephone regarding any issues relating to the order.

Direct marketing

Upon registering an account with EHF, customers will be presented with the option for signing up to receive marketing information (this includes information about discounts, specials or informative product information). In accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Spam Act 2003 (Cth), EHF will not use or disclose personal information for the purposes of marketing or transmit such information to third parties for the purposes of marketing, unless consent is given to do so.

Customers will only receive marketing information if they actively elect to enable this function by ticking the relevant check box at registration. Customers may, at any time, contact EHF and request for EHF to cease marketing correspondence. In any circumstance, EHF does not send personal information to third parties for the purposes of marketing.

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