Our Goal

Extra Hand Fundraising’s Goal is to create and refine innovative methods of Charitable Fundraising where all participating parties receive equal focus, commitment and benefit.

Extra Hand Fundraising is committed to providing our:

·   Charity Partners with cost effective fundraising income which require minimal effort on their part, so they can focus on the amazing work they provide to our community.

·   Customer Partners with a large range of quality, competitively priced products across a wide range of product and/or service types, and a choice of Charity to support through their purchase.

·   Donor Partners with increased market exposure, Community recognition of their generous Philanthropic contributions, Increased sales of their product and/or service and new customers.

The Charity Fundraising Collective 

The Charity Fundraising Collective (CFC) is an Extra Hand Fundraising initiative which provides fundraising support to Australian Charities (Charity Partners) via partnering arrangements with Australian Businesses Donor Partners.
Businesses (Donor Partners) pledge their products/services on a partial to full donation basis in support of the Charity Partners we fundraise for. Our Charity Partners do not have to do anything other than register with the CFC and provide a fundraising approval letter with a fundraising approval number to the CFC to fundraise on their behalf.
The Donor Partners nominate:

·   a base/wholesale price, which is the minimum figure, including GST, which the Donor Partner is prepared to accept for their products/services,
·   their normal Recommended Retail price, including GST,
·   and a selling price, if different from their normal Recommended Retail price, including GST. 
The difference between the selling price and the base/wholesale price is the partial donation proportion.
The CFC charges Charity Partners a management /selling fee on all products/services sold online which equates to 50% of the gross donation amount. The CFC distributes the balance of the donation proportion to the Charity Partner linked to the individual listing at the beginning of each new quarter.
There are no charges to the Sponsor Partner. As each product/service is sold by the CFC, the Sponsor Partners are notified via email which includes the customer’s details. The Sponsor Partner is paid their nominated base/wholesale price within 24-48 hours of dispatch or customer pickup confirmation, depending on the individual Sponsor Partner set-up. For higher priced items immediate payment can be organised.

Either party, including the Charity Partner or the Sponsor Partner can opt out of this agreement at any time and for any reason by email notification to the CFC, or visa versa.

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