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First Aid Kit (Emergency Handbook) - SES22

  • First Aid Kit (Emergency Handbook) - SES22

First Aid Kit (Emergency Handbook) - SES22

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Item Description

Emergency Handbook

The First Aid Emergency Handbook, 5th edn, provides a quick and accurate summary of first aid for a range of everyday emergencies. Whether you are at home, in sport or recreation, or in the workplace the Handbook should be within easy reach.

The information in the First Aid Emergency Handbook, 5th edn, is technically correct, clearly presented and easy to use. The CPR pages have been updated in line with the revised CPR Guidelines issued by the Australian Resuscitation Council in December 2015. The Handbook is written by Ella Tyler, one of Australia's foremost experts on first aid practice. Ella has helped make first aid information understandable and accessible to hundreds of thousands of Australians.

The Handbook features a separate CPR section at the front of the book which is followed by an alphabetical listing of first aid topics. At the end of the Handbook there is a section on skills and procedures, with topics such as infection control and bandaging techniques. When you see the book you will understand why the Handbook is the only book to win the coveted Australian Design Award.

The First Aid Emergency Handbook, 5th edn, is the book of choice for trainers and safety officers. It helps trainers explain what they are teaching and the tabbed format makes the information easy to find and reference. A PowerPoint Presentation has been developed for first aid trainers for use with the First Aid Emergency Handbook. A Workbook with exercises for trainers and students is also available.

The First Aid Emergency Handbook, 5th edn, is compliant with HLTAID001, HLTAID002 and HLTAID003.

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Donor Business Information

Survival Emergency Solutions has been leading the innovation of first aid products in Australia since 1988. Twin brothers Jerry and Tim Tyrrell founded Survival in response to the loss of their 1 month old niece, Caroline. Sadly, Jerry was unable to resuscitate Caroline. He felt at a loss during the crisis with the realisation he didn’t know exactly what to do.

Jerry responded by developing the Emergency First Aid Handbook which detailed and illustrated the essential steps in first aid. The book won an Australian Design Award and has sold over 2 million copies world wide.

Following the success of Survival’s publications, Survival turned it’s attention to developing the best first aid kit in Australia. Historically, first aid kits were either in boxes or bags that spilled out when you opened them. Survival realised that it was nearly impossible to find the correct piece of equipment during an emergency. This delay could have been the difference between life and serious injury or death.

Survival developed a number of world class first aid kits that have been built to last in the most rugged environment. Our range of kits can be used in just about any circumstance.

Survival continues to provide the highest quality products that simply make sense and are easy to use. Find out why over one million Australian’s love Survival’s products with our kits and publications now being sold all around the globe.

We know that accidents happen. What we don't know is when they will occur as we never truly know what is around the corner. Millions of our customers have prepared their homes, workplace, family car, work vehicles, 4WD's, boats and caravans whilst many> more won't leave home for an outdoors adventure without one of our portable first aid kits. We certainly don't leave home without one and we want to make sure that everyone else worldwide has an opportunity to be as best prepared as possible for an emergency.

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